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Jun. 2nd, 2014

Done with RoLo


Belle.  Wonderful casting.  Good movie.  Fun.  Thought provoking.  Having just finished General Dumas' biography The Black Count, said to be made into a movie, I enjoyed it all the more, seeing how life was for people of color back then.

The men were eye candy.  The declaration of love so forceful it gave me chills.  Thought of that for days.  An intriguing movie.  Both love interests quite good.  The young man who played Draco in Harry Potter was excellent too, good actor.

Though I haven't had time and little inclination to post in years seeing the movie Belle made me want to.  I enjoyed it and recommend it.  I'll buy it when it's available and I never do that anymore.

Hi Cee, thanks for the nudge, hope you're well.

Jun. 16th, 2009

Done with RoLo

A woman walked into a comic book store . . .

So, I go into the comic book store, take my daughter with me, we're on a mission.  I've just sorted most of my comic book collection and want all of them stored in official comic book boxes instead of old Grippo boxes etc.  I think four small boxes will do because the long boxes I have are really heavy when full.  So we make a beeline towards the boxes, she grabs two long ones I grab two short ones then balk because they don't have more short boxes and I'm going to be stuck with long ones again.  But resigned we take them up to the counter and as I'm on my way this is what an older gent with white hair says to me:

"What are you going to do with those boxes?"

I almost stopped in my tracks.  I looked at him rather confused because, well after all they were comic book boxes.  Several things went through my mind.  Should I say something like, "Gonna store my jewelery or maybe my shoes"?  I know I looked at him a little quizzically though as I told him I was going to put comic books in them.  He just kind of looked at me. 

I seldom go to this comic book store even though it's closer to me than the other one I used to go to but now that I think of it maybe I've never seen a woman in there so maybe that was it.  At any rate the cashier convinced me to buy unassembled boxes which was a horrible hassle even though I did get four short ones.  Next time I'll go to my old comic book store where the guys actually talk to you as if you're a normal person buying comic book boxes. 

Btw, cast is off, I'm walking with a cane and I'm off the injections so life as I knew it has ressumed again thankfully.

Jun. 8th, 2009

Done with RoLo

Reason for no Updates - things just keep getting worse

Okay, forgive me for not making a cut for this, I've not much patience of late and can't seem to make it work.  . . . I could almost scream.

No updates because, well . . . May 26th fell down the last basement step on way to garage because I was carrying too many bags and things so I couldn't see - idiot.  Managed to gather all up then stand despite pain, went to work, iced ankle, tried to be nice.  Ended up limping back to car which I parked close in visitor parking, went home, limped around to get a few things done, got back in car, picked up Sinjin, got food for us (no way was I cooking), went home where he met my youngest then we ate on the back screened in porch which is my little spot of heaven on earth. 


Rodney, my ex boyfriend the firefighter who started calling me again last year after years of silence, called while Sinjin and I were outside, told him I couldn’t talk, took Sinjin to airport hugged him good bye in car, couldn't possibly go inside with him (it was a good visit), called Rodney back after got home, he demanded I come see him – odd but so typical of him.  I thought it wouldn’t be a good idea since he’s married now and told him so and had in fact told him last year I would never visit him at the fire station again but when I told him about my foot and asked him did he want me to limp over there he demanded to look at it and I gave in because it wasn’t the usual sprain I’ve had before.


Would not have gone to hospital if not for Rodney my own personal EMT.  I suppose it helps to have an ex-boyfriend who’s a firefighter.  Gosh he looked gorgeous..  He wrapped my foot in a splint w/gauze and gave me another Cincinnati Fire Fighter t-shirt and I almost cried.  The last one I threw away after I stopped seeing him because it reminded me too much of him.  It was never that I didn’t love him only that I knew we weren’t compatible and I was tired of him not having enough time for me.  Nothing’s changed there.  Break up was for the best and I'm glad after all this time we can be friends.


May 27th was at the hospital from 10pm the night before to nearly 6am the next day.  Got home and fell asleep on the large leather couch in the living room for two hours then people started to call but I slept another two hours off and on then Sinjin called, made it safely to his destination thankfully.  I then hobbled upstairs on my crutches and rolled into bed where I slept for eight solid hours.  I would’ve slept longer but my youngest heard I was up and came in so I went downstairs and she fed me, or rather got food and drinks for me - I sound like a baby!  We watched two days of recorded General Hospitals fast forwarding through most of the mess then enjoyed Make me into a Supermodel with the to die for gorgeous Tyson.  Checked my e-mail, browsed LJ, checked for new stories at ff.net and the RoLo Realm, sent one to my work addy to read later and then after mindless television went back to sleep.


May 28th got about six hours of sleep and struggled to get ready for work.  Not that difficult but tiring.  Wish I’d been lifting weights more but I’m not out of shape so . . . and yet I feel like it.  Hopping, on crutches, standing on one leg, it’s exhausting.  Youngest drove me to work, held doors open for me but my purse was in the way - duh, (brought a backpack after that), found flowers waiting for me on my desk, immediately thought, "ugh" but they were pretty and it was a nice gesture yet totally unnecessary and I felt required to give thanks to these people whom I’d rather not feel obligated to.  Maybe because it's a gesture, not sincere, just, hey that lady over there broke her foot, buy her some flowers.  I don't socialize at work, why?  When I'm at work I'm like Doc Martin if anyone watches that show, all business.  My life takes place before and after work, during work in a kind of limbo land where I write stories and I sneak down halls and hope no one sees me so I'm not bothered with pleasant meaningless niceties.  I'm polite but it's like school there and I've never played gossip girl or wanted to costar in a soap.  I did thank them but still . . .  I’m such an old curmudgeon, have decided I'm so abnormal it’s pathetic but I do not care.

Would that that was all but nope.  June 6th my calf swelled up and hurt like hell, suffered through work then went to ER where they saw me right away this time, removed cast (plaster splint) and took my blood and had everyone in the world come peek at my foot and calf.  Decision:  possible blood clot.  They finally sent me home with blood thinner injections and told me to come back for testing Monday morning.  June 8th, Monday, I was there for 4 1/2 hours and left with pills and more blood thinner injections.  Follow up Friday for clot with my doctor and another follow up two hours later for the foot.  

So, car accident, broken foot, blood clot.  If I were the type of person that believed in bad luck I'd say 2009 was such a year for me.  I don't.  I'm alive, reasonably healthy, have people who care about me and I can sit on my back screened in porch like now and watch for deer and other critters and I'm happy.  Oh, and we got a tiny, tiny kitten, all black so its hair won't show up on my mostly all black clothes, and so, so adorable.  Life's good.  

I'm going to try to update my Stormy/Remy story An Ever Fixed Mark on ff.net this week.  Obviously last week wasn't good so that's the reason for the delay.  I've fallen behind on a lot of things because life on crutches freaking hurts which is why I didn't really use them much and was like this stupid couch cow.  They should've told me to walk but in retrospect I guess if I had any common sense I would've thought of that myself and possibly spared myself from having to do injections.  That's all folks.


Mar. 28th, 2009

Done with RoLo

Life & Story Updates

After a week of being sick, missing work, being hit and having my car utterly destroyed and catching the bus for a few weeks life has gotten much better.  I'm feeling better now and I'm picking up my new car tomorrow.  Haven't had car payments in a long time but it's always nice to have a new car and I really wanted one too so everything worked out.  

I'm still going over African Skies and Canadian Whiskey, just started reading over chapter five again and fixing all the many mistakes riddle throughout the chapter.  I was up the other night writing new stuff but still haven't been overly inspired.  However, my hope is to have it up and finished by May at the latest.  That's the goal and I'll try to stick to it. 

Other than that I haven't been inspired to write much not even my X-Men fairy tale which is finished or the longer stories that are almost finished.  Sickness and lack of transportation added to my laziness and dead muse.  I have to say though it's a good feeling being alive so I can't complain.  No one was hurt, both he and I walked away from the accident and we were both thankful. 

Mar. 27th, 2009

Done with RoLo

New Story - Jean & Scott Eary days - The Things we do for Love

Summary – Bobby, Hank, Warren & Prof X give a reluctant Scott advice about shopping with women after Jean decides he needs a new wardrobe but Scott has particular reasons why he doesn’t shop for clothes, something someone like Emma will never know.  Early days.


A/N This is my second Scott story and my first Jott.  It’s set in the early days long before Storm, Wolverine, Kurt, Sean, Peter and John joined.  And I know I should be finishing AS&CW but this just came to me one day this month and I couldn’t ignore it.  For some reason Scott always fascinates me.  I could never say he’s a favorite – that would be Storm and Wolverine, Remy and Jubes and – well Scott’s way down the list but I find him quite intriguing.  There’re just so many intricacies about his make up that I sometimes can’t help but explore. 

The Things we do for LoveCollapse )

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Dec. 29th, 2008

Done with RoLo

Ghetto girl or hillbilly cousin for a daughter in law?

Well, one of my biggest fears regarding my son was his choice in girlfriends. I've mentioned her before a while ago. Whether wrong or right I just didn't want someone that's too streetwise, too loud and brash like women you see on Jerry Springer. Now I'm ending up with a hillbilly cousin for a daughter in law. Well, if he decides to marry her. But hear me out.

My son was asking if we have any hillbillies in our family and I had to laugh because we do come from this tiny town in Kentucky I will not lie and that's not to say all inhabitants from tiny towns in Kentucky are full of hillbillies but, well yes that's a little bit of the mix in my family. I told him no though. Why? Maybe because I don't think of us like that. 

Well, she said she has hillbillies in her family, that her grandfather was a Hatfield. I told her my great great grandmother was a Hatfield! You could've blown us all over with a feather we were so shocked. Not my son though because he doesn't keep up with family stuff like that and apparently because he doesn't care if he's possibly dating his cousin.

I asked where her great grandfather was from and she said Kentucky.  Not only was he from Kentucky but from a town two hours away from the tiny town where my family's from. I'm pretty sure we're related. In some manner at least.  It quite amuses me, it's such a Kentucky stereotype. 

Now I don't know if that would really bother me if I found out I was dating a distant cousin but it gives me pause. I thought about it when we were watching Real Chance of Love, I think Real is gorgeous and yes I watch that show but only by accident and – well, why justify? I really, really like Real. So Rabbit, my favorite, was saying one girl was ghetto and I jokingly said to my youngest daughter, “Well, my biggest fear was getting a ghetto daughter in law but now I'm getting a hillbilly cousin instead.” it was a joke of course and I laughed.   She didn't.  She now thinks it's not a big deal.  They're different colors she said.  What's that have to do with anything if you're still related I wonder?

Honestly, what really matters is what a person is like inside. I've always taught my son that looks don't matter. I'm glad he took that to heart even if I end up getting a hillbilly cousin for a daughter in law. That still amuses me.  She's not ugly mind you, attractive and nice and certainly not a hillbilly just perhaps not your typical girlie girl which is fine.  Let me add that I've grown to like her after all the mess a few years ago and I didn't even know we might be related.



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Dec. 26th, 2008

Done with RoLo

Seven Pounds rather iffy about

I have mixed feelings about Seven Pounds.  It starts off almost mean spirited even though you figure there’s a reason for Will Smith’s obnoxious behavior.  I adore Will Smith though so I gave it a chance.  I think most people have figured out the premise, he’s done something so terrible he wants to make up for it but ultimately I have to question the judgment of the end result.  I can’t say much more without giving spoilers.  It’s one man's plight and his solution to redemption and decently told but in my opinion the choice he’s made and set upon doing is not an option.  It’s not an option for anyone.  It simply isn’t.  Or it shouldn’t be.  I hope no depressed person goes to see this movie and thinks his choice is a good one. 


It’s not a feel good movie.  It’s not exactly depressing but it’s sad.  It’s sad and rather pathetic.  Will Smith did a great job but I could be biased as I like him so much.  Rosario Dawson is another favorite of mine and she’s great in this too.  I guess everyone was fine in the movie it’s just the ending, Will’s character’s ending was utterly pathetic no matter what his intentions and again just unacceptable.  But then again it’s just entertainment, it’s not real and most people aren’t’ susceptible to things they see in the theater.  I hope not. 


I’m giving this movie a C+ even though I liked the actual ending with Rosario Dawson despite the main character’s choice.

Dec. 17th, 2008

Done with RoLo

Bought a new laptop after I saw The Punisher

If anyone's noticed I've been commenting a lot it's because yes!  I finally bought a new laptop last week.  I don't know why I put it off for so long.  Oh, right.  Because I was addicted to the Internet. 

Did all my Christmas shopping after seeing the Punisher then decided to get a Xmas gift for myself the next day so got the laptop.  It felt good too.  Btw, The Punisher: War Zone was a bloody and good movie , much like the comic book so good for a fangirl and fanboys too since the guy I went with is one.  It's fun to be back.
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Dec. 14th, 2008

RoLo - 1st "Kiss"

Story Update re: AS&CW & Story Goals for 2009

I made myself a promise during NaNoMoWri this November that I would finish four stories which I did along with an original short story to boot so I'm posting stories again even though there don't seem to be many Storm and RoLo fans as before. That's a pity really. My goal for 2009 is to finish all the stories I started over the years and by 2010 be finished with fan fiction altogether. There are a lot of stories stashed away on my USB some decent, others silly but I'm determined to post them all.  I need to concentrate on my original work, mostly short stories, something I've always done long before fan fiction.

I'd like to explain why I haven't updated African Skies and Canadian Whiskey in ages, it was partially because two laptops got viruses and I never took my desktop in to get fixed - laziness and writer's block. But an author I really admire had a story plot that I was using and I don't like to do the same thing someone else has already. That meant I had to come up with a different plot that still goes with everything else I wrote. I just couldn't think of anything. But now that I'm determined to finish all my stories this will be one of the first I tackle I believe. 

In the meantime I wrote a RoLo story in October that I finished in November, just need to proof it, and will probably post this week.  It's about four chapters and based in the future.  I also finished the last chapter of  A Blue True Dream of Sky  and will probably have that up this week too.  Another of my goals is to put all my stories here on my LJ I just need to figure out how to put up chapter stories on this site as I'd like to have all of my stories here besides at ff.net.

The countdown to the end of fan fiction as I know it begins January 1st.  Now all I have to do is type like crazy.

Dec. 7th, 2008

Done with RoLo

Story - Of Photons and Storms (not a RoLo)

A solo Storm one shot. She's runs into the old Captain Marvel Monica Rambeau now (?) of NextWave. Just two super powered women chatting. Collapse )

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